We’re Finally in Italian Vogue

Copyright Wol189

Behind the scenes Brooks Ayola Nevada Ballet shoot

One of Wolf189’s (@wolfphoto) photos chosen by @francasozzani the Editor-In-Chief of @vogue_italia for their online exhibition.



Got a surprise the other day when I checked out a photo posted on Facebook by our friend and talented photographer Brooks Ayola. When I followed the links, I found a photo taken by another talented photographer Wolf189. It was taken behind the scenes at a shoot where we shot video of Brooks shoot of the Nevada Ballet Theatre. There is a wide shot and if you look real close you can see us.

Here’s the link the the Italian Vogue posting, check it out.

Check out all the talented artists who we worked with on this shoot. It was a great experience.

Brooks Ayola

Kendra Kocher

Brian Swanson

Nevada Ballet Theatre