Here’s to the Good Times

Howdy. Well, it seems like one of those weeks where the world is crazy. Maybe it just my perception or maybe it really has been a crazy week. Sometimes I have “one of those days” so I believe the world can have one too. I have noticed that that when I have had really devastating days, the world seems to keep chugging along. I think there are always people who are being devastated, even on my happiest days. Let’s face it, if you get killed your day sucks 100% no matter if for everyone else everything is fine. We don’t add our experience and their experience together and take the average. When it sucks for you, it sucks.

So here’s to being grateful for the good times. Here’s to managing expectations to be thankful for the half of the glass that is full and not disappointed for the glass that is half empty. We know how to do it when we escape with our lives, here’s to doing it while living my life.