Well Done

Jim was in a bad mood, and anyone who got in is way was going to regret it.  Jim walked into his favorite restaurant and plopped himself down on a chair.   “Get me a steak well done with mashed potatoes. ” Three minutes later when his order came, Jim screamed “DIDN’T YOU HEAR ME SAY WELL DONE?!” “Why thank you sir” the waitress smiled,  ”that was the first compliment I got all day!”

–source, http://www.greatcleanjokes.com

People can use compliments, they don’t take much to give. I am going to give one away today.

Bold New Idea – DMV Lottery

After watching the near pandemonium and long lines appearing for the lottery it hit me. People seemed in great spirits to wait in long lines for a lottery ticket. OK, here we go. Make the only place you can buy a lottery ticket the DMV. BAM, problem solved. Happy people waiting for their winning lottery ticket and vehicle registration at the same time!