Dr. Johnny Biscuit Presents Episode 4: Lord Mesmer Eyes


Ep 4: Lord Mesmer Eyes

Is hypnosis fakery? In a battle of hypnotists, what would happen? Master hypnotist Lord Mesmer Eyes says hypnosis unlocks your true self, tells us about how it works and gives stories from his shows. Also, Dr. Johnny Biscuit and Lord Mesmer Eyes play the seldom recorded and very dangerous “Hynotist Versus Hypnotist” game. Listener discrection is advised

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Dr. Johnny Biscuit Presents Episode 3: Kelson Burlingham


Ep 3: Kelson Burlingham

Does technology have it in for us? Our guest, Kelson Burlingham, IT Administrator for Leantimmer City says computers are stupid, so don’t get mad at them. He says a device can only do what we tell it, and most problems are user error. He tells stories from supporting IT users and shares his predictions for the future of technology.

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Dr. Johnny Biscuit Presents Episode 2: Keoni Kealoha, “Pops”


Ep 2: Keoni Kealoha, “Pops”

Keoni Kealoha, or “Pops” says life is best lived with a smile. Pops is the Volunteer Fire Chief of Leantimmer, and owner/operator of Big Brudda and Sisters Hawaiian Tours and Plate Lunch. Pops talk about his love of food, his Hawaiian tours and fireworks safety tips.

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Dr. Johnny Biscuit Presents Episode 1: Dr. Adam Strong


Ep 1: Dr. Adam Strong, Infinite You

Dr. Adam Strong, author, “Public Speaking is Harder Than You Think: A User’s Guide to Talking Out Loud.”

Dr. Strong says what the world needs is infinite you. Together we discuss social media making the most important thing you, and lots of it. Learn simple steps to blow your own horn that will blow your own mind.

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Comedy Stories — Utah Comedy and Comedians

When I opened Johnny B’s Comedy Club people told me I was crazy. They said a clean, non-alcoholic club would never work, let alone in Utah. That’s where they were wrong — Utah is probably one of the only places it could work. We weren’t the first comedy club in Utah and we weren’t the last, but we did give a lot of people a lot of laughs.

The first Utah comedy club I remember was Cartoons which was originally located in the Sugarhouse neighborhood  in a building that has been torn down. I started my club career there at an open-mic competition. How many times have you heard that story from a comedian? Lots. Did well in the competition and kept going. An interesting side note, Utah radio personality Todd Collard of the Todd and Erin Show came to Utah to manage Cartoons.

Eventually I opened Johnny B’s and things took off. One of the things I am proudest of is the opportunity we gave Utah comedy to grow. Many comedians performed on our stage honing their acts, and some are working comedians today. Other people just got the opportunity to perform, to get up on stage and try it. I still have people come up to me to this day and tell me about their experience performing at Johnny B’s. Some of them just tried it once or twice.

One of the comedians who performed on our stage was Keith Stubbs, who went on to open Wiseguys, a Utah comedy club institution. Like Todd, Keith has also gone on to become a Utah radio personality as well. I have performed at Wiseguys many times, Keith is a good guy. Wiseguys is where today’s hopeful Utah comedians can get stage time. You can see it all on Wednesday night open-mic nights. Additionally, Wiseguys brings in known comedians from across the country.

Utah is no different than other places, people need to laugh. Laughter is the pressure-relief valve for life. It wasn’t crazy to have comedy in Utah when I was running a club and it isn’t crazy today. Utah is unique, that’s for sure, but so is every place you go, you just have to take it as it comes and try to understand it.

I enjoy performing comedy. These days I enjoy performing for private events, conventions and parties. I have been at it for over 20 years and I have seen and done a lot, but every time I grab the mic it is a new experience. People hire me to entertain, to make them forget, to just have a laugh and I am happy to do it. It makes me feel good to put a smile on someone’s face. In a world that is increasingly acrimonious, that is something.

Happy Whatever

2014 and it’s the start of something new! At least we have the chance to feel like it is. I don’t know about you, I don’t make a bunch of New Year’s resolutions, but I do take some time to reflect and also project into the future. I have a few ideas that I will try to implement going forward. Always good to have a few ideas.

How about this, I would like this year to be a year less people got killed or arrested. I would like more peace on earth. They say that stuff has to start with yourself, so maybe I could at least try to complain less and be thankful more. I could do that.

I do want to say thank you to all my clients who I have worked with this past year. Not only have you employed me and helped my family eat, but you have given me wonderful times and experiences and I am so grateful. Thank you.

I hope you all have a great year, and I hope that I do too. Now get out there and show them what you’ve got!